austin tragni

Kings County, New York, US

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First time founder

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As architects, me and my business partner Austin Tragni have years of experience in professionally designing and decorating places. We have used all our experience and knowledge in creating a very efficient, useful and fun social e-commerce site. In Assembld, you can discover great products that are hand-picked by designers; collect and organize your library like no-other website; and visualize your shopping lists on our Assembly boards. Assembld has also many built-in collaboration tools allowing you to work on your project with a friend or designer. We believe Assembld will drastically improve the decoration experience for all our users.

We are Architects - not programmers nor IT founders. However; Assembld is built based on the decoration process of design professionals. I believe as Architects/Interior Designers; we are in the best position to develop a useful and efficient 'design tool' - which we have identified as what is lacking in the market. We also believe that as experienced Project Managers / Partner in Architecture firms; we have the ability to manage a team towards a tight deadline; deal with stress; and execute a high quality final product that stays true to the core concept despite all the challenges. We also think that Architectural culture embodies many other valuable qualities for a web startup team such as: the ability to address problems creatively and to see them as design opportunities; never sacrificing User Experience while creating an innovative unique product; ability to allocate right amount of budget and time to different parts of the project for the highest impact product; understanding the needs of totally unique customers and programs in a short amount of time and addressing them on a timely manner. Architectural practice requires top level creativity and professionalism. We believe we can utilize this experience to run Assembld successfully.

We are searching for a technical cofounder to join the team and help us grow assembld.


New School/Parsons School of Design


2008 - 2008