Autif Kamal

Houston, Texas, US

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Business Development

About Autif

I have student taught for 3 years in kindergarten, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. I have taught for 1 full year for 4th grade Reading and Social Studies. So, elementary education is my domain of expertise.

However, just because elementary education is my domain of expertise, that doesn't mean that my ideas will be limited to education. In the end, I'm interested in whatever ideas will make money. I will pursue whatever ideas have the highest success rate. I have other ideas to make money, but there is one in particular that I want to focus on right now.

I'm really great at coming up with ideas and planning out how they would work, but I lack the technical skills to give them life. I know the features and functions of the website that I want. I know which venues and avenues to pursue in order to market it. I know how to highlight the features of the website that I want to create. I know how to create new monetization opportunities for the website. However, for now, I lack the skills needed for web development. Right now, I'm looking for a skilled web developer.

I want to provide all the grunt work involved in acquiring customers and sales, I want my partner or co-founder to focus on creating the website, and each time before we finalize the website, I want us to collaborate and agree on its organization, efficiency, and functions. Also, I believe that we should both take shares in the financial cost to create the website. Basically, I'm looking for a 50-50 partner. We will both put in 50% of the time and effort to make this website successful and therefore, we will both take 50% of the profit that we generate from it.

Something else you should keep in mind about me is that if I can earn more than my monthly salary with my current job, then I will not work 10 hours a week on promoting the website. I'll be prepared to work at least 40 hours per week. If more than 40 hours per week are needed, I will provide the additional hours needed.

Anyway, if you think that we might work well together, contact me. We can either go to a sit down restaurant or a cafe. I can tell you the gist of my website idea. You can decide whether you want to work with me on it. Happy co-founder hunting!


University of California Berkeley


2009 - 2009


Elementary Education