Avi Tevet

Portland, Oregon, US

Founder of Fitlogr
Avi's Skills

About Avi

For almost two decades I've been involved with software development and fitness/sports. I think that I've had a broad array of experiences in both.

While developing software, I've worked with many technologies, including C/C++, databases, web frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Perl, and others. I've worked on with many types of teams and on a variety of different projects, including simple one person projects, complex projects working with cross-site teams, projects with & without strict deadlines, and been on fast-turnaround projects where time between bug report and release was hours. I've also attended multiple Startup Weekends.

While playing sports and improving my own fitness, I've competed in high school and college in swimming, cross country, and track. I have completed a marathon, play pickup basketball games, and for the last few years, have been regularly attending both yoga and CrossFit classes.

Work Experience

Founder, developer


November 2011 - December 2016