avi zikry

Boston, Massachusetts, US

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Product Management
Business Development

About avi

I have started and successfully managed a couple of companies, the first one being a mortgage brokerage shop when I was 22, and most recently a multi million dollar construction company in NYC with over 80 employees, which I have sold in 2013. I have built my previous companies with my attention to detail and sales, it is these traits that I will continue to utilize while growing my new venture. About a year ago, my partner Danny and I started to work on an idea we had for college students. We wanted to build a platform for all of their needs around campus; from housing, to tickets, books, furniture and even services. And so during Danny's final semester at FAU, we created Urbanboard.com.

Urbanboard is a unique platform allowing students to buy, sell, trade and exchange goods and services with fellow students on their campus and schools nearby in a safe, convenient and entirely free environment. Unlike the current shaky solutions such as Craigslist where schemers thrive, Urbanboard is restricted to users with an active school .edu email providing accountability. Furthermore, Urbanboard provides a cross-campus marketplace, allowing students to interact with fellow students on their campus or schools nearby, unlike the class limited Facebook groups. We started testing it in Beta several months ago, and officially rolled it out in a few school in South Florida, as well as several schools in the Boston area on January 12th 2015. We currently have 3,000 active users and had exceeded 10,000 visits in our first 30 days. We are growing rapidly. We are now trying to open up in a few more schools.

We are looking for a driven and creative programmer so that we can bring our development and programming in house. We aren't necessarily looking for programmers that have been part of a start up before, although that will help. We are though looking for experienced programmers with with significant coding experience and versatility in style. Our goal is to roll out a mobile app, and a full blown ecommerce site within the next few months, and with the right partner we are confident w can accomplish it. We are looking to bring in a co-founder with full equity to help us grow Urbanboard into the largest marketplace for college students across the nation.

If you are driven, enjoy a good challenge and well versed as a programmer (HTML/CSS, Java/Jquery and PHP) I think we should connect and see if we can fit as future co-founders of Urbanboard.com