avirup kanjilal

Bengaluru, India

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Business Development
Product Management

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Hi all,
This space asks me to define myself. That is precisely what I never want to do. Defining one's qualities or specifying a unique trait is something that only limits a person and I am just a normal guy who does not want to set any limits. I am a graduate from IIT Bhubaneswar, a geologist by educational merit, music lover and a passionate innovator.
I have been working on an idea to create a global sharing network and have reached the prototype stage. I am looking for a geek who loves innovating, ideating and also knows how to code, obviously. The ideal candidate would be required to take up the responsibility of Co-founder, CTO. Since the company will be in bootstrap mode for a while, I am looking for someone who is willing to make a full-time commitment and will have no issues to help out with CMS as well.