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I am(was) a CA Final student,aged 19, left chartered accountancy for the sake of my startup named TRIPMEAL with one of my school friend who is engineer as well. We both believe that age doesn't matter for anything and why to waste our precious time if we are having the ability to make something big. We provide food of Mcdonalds, Dominos, KFC and of other big brands like burger king, bikenerwala etc in Volvo buses (presently on Delhi-chandigarh route, NH1) on customer seats which customer love to eat and due to which and have a customer base of around 200 customers daily with an incremental rate of 10% (every next day) with an average order of Rs.250. With the fortune of god, we started earning from very first day with a margin of around Rs.75/order which is 30% of sales. As we all know profit from 1st day in any startup is always a nut to crack but we have made it possible, but we are currently focusing on expansion i.e. increasing customer base possible expansion is of around 1,50,000 customers DAILY excluding railways. When we will make this complete for buses then we will move onto train which will furthur increase our customer base to around 2,50,000. we have signed an MoU with Dominos, KFC. It took us around 3 months to drafting and implementation of plan as we thought. Now we are in the process of developing android and ios App for the convenience of customers becuse it is too cumbersome process to take orders on phone and as our customer base is increasing, it is also necessary to do same and our managerial work like product development, designing, marketing, customer relations, technical support etc. is so wide that we are feeling the need of another technical co-founder, who can manage all the technical issues like of application, website or anything of that sort. I manage marketing, customer relations and support. My friend manage product development, designing and delivery system. Here the need of technical knowledge arises as i know every aspect of finance but not the technical, and my friend is from mechanical branch in engineering, so we both lacks in technical knowledge. So we need a person who can manage all the technical aspects. We can also hire a professional company or an employee with technical knowledge for the application development and maintenance but we think that this would not be beneficial, keeping in view the long term aspects. As per our requirement, co-founder must possess the skills to develop and maintain application and to manage a team as well because gradually our technical team will also start to grow. If you possess all the required skills then you may contact me through phone or whatsapp 8267894548 or through e-mail avnesh.chaudhary22@gmail.com.
Only interested candidates please.