Avy-Loren Cohen

Toronto, Canada

Business Strategist | Startup & Growth Specialist | Seeking Startup CEOS & Funders 2 work with
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About Avy-Loren

To know more about me visit my business profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/avyloren-cohen/
my consulting website at www.avylorencohen.com

You can also check me out at:
- https://medium.com/@AvyLorenCohen
- http://cofounderslab.com/profile/avy-loren-cohen-1
- https://www.quora.com/profile/Avy-Loren-Cohen
- https://www.pinterest.ca/AvyLorenCohen/

I am currently involved with a variety of projects in various countries as a cofounder where I participate as a cofounder working to advance each tech project to success. The areas of business are in Blockchain, Crypto, Fintech, Enterprise, Saas, Open Source, Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, etc..

Feel free to connect with me to open a dialogue to explore potential synergies, board / advisory roles, cofounder and possibly CEO or COO offers, and so forth. Do NOT contact me with FUNDING opportunities as I am overwhelmed with the demand and am unable to support this - unless you have solid traction, revenue, solid team with a proven history, a solid pitch deck and business plan, and are comfortable presenting to individuals remotely and in person. If you meet these preconditions, then go to my website and submit your information (as mentioned above) so I can review it and then get back to you.

I also work outside of the tech space, including B2B, B2C and many more - for more details on industry background, visit my website at https://www.avylorencohen.com/about

If you are seeking mentoring, I am open to providing a limited number of individuals with mentoring pending on the situation and backstory. If you are seeking mentoring please submit your story via a word document or Adobe PDF on my website at https://www.avylorencohen.com/contact

For guest appearance, training, public speaking engagements, collaboration on publications, guest appearances on video or audio shows and podcasts, please send your information via my website at https://www.avylorencohen.com/contact or for a speaking engagement refer to https://www.avylorencohen.com/speaking-engagements


Live life with learning something new everyday as part of your essential needs - Avy-Loren Cohen

Work Experience


ALC Strategic Business Consulting Services

January 2012 - Today

*To learn more about ALC go to www.avylorencohen.com "Building companies one person at a time" Business Strategy & Management Consulting Corporate Strategy, Turnaround & Restructuring, Acquisitions, Growth Strategy, Retention, Marketing & Communications, Sales & Business Development, Corporate Identity & Branding, Positioning, Pricing & Distribution, Revenue Model Maximization, Strategic Negotiations, etc. Professional Training: Sales individual & teams, 30/60/90 Day Planning, Business Development, Marketing, & Presentation Skills, innovation, entrepreneurship, Leadership. CEO & Executive Business Coaching: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Management, Business Development, Organizational Skills, Negotiations, Employee Motivational, Corporate Internal Communications, Conflict Resolution & prevention, Customer-Centric Strategies, Senior Level Management Coaching & Development (preparing for a new senior executive level position). Startups Startup coaching, Investor relations training, presentation training, content, scaling, business strategy Career Management & Branding: Professional Branding, Professional Skills Development, Career Growth Planning & Strategy, Skills Inventory Assessment, Matching Personal and Professional Personalities into One Cohesive Professional Individual. Board Member & Advisory: Corporate Strategy (Management, operations, Growth, M & A, Investment, HR, Exit Strategy, etc.) Speaking Engagements: Motivation & Performance Enhancement, Startup Founder (CEO) Training, Marketing Disruptively, Business Strategy. Family Office: Family office service that focuses on preserving wealth and building wealth. Tactical Services: Management team assessments, communications & conflict management strategies, Acting as an Interrum/Fractional Senior Executive

Startup Strategist, Analyst, Advisor

Rocket Dao

September 2019 - Today

Rocket DAO is all about uniting Startups, Investors and Experts. Working in a decentralized community that performs an in-depth project audit of a startup, develops and improves in-house evaluation methodologies, giving support to investors and accelerating projects with strategic business advisory knowledge.

Board member - Advisor

The Euler Foundation

November 2017 - Today

The Euler Foundation promotes the global development, distribution, and adoption of heterogeneous infrastructures with community members around the world. It is set up to provide an independent home for the Euler Platform, with the intention of hosting more diverse open source projects in the future. The goal of the Euler Foundation is to serve developers, users, and the entire ecosystem by providing a set of shared resources to build community, facilitate collaboration and support integration of open source technologies. Primary activities include maintaining the Euler Network, organizing large-scale test infrastructures, community management, public education and bringing together technology enthusiasts each year at global events. Euler is the first technology to support Outcome Economies, meaning merchants and customers can interact and exchange value based on behavioral trends. The combination of Euler’s AI, IoTN and Nexus Contracts is what creates an Outcome Economy. Customers will be charged by how much they use or consume, IoT will provide new purchasing opportunities while the Flux facilitates contractual agreements governing the use of these devices when connected to the Euler network. Manufacturers can now create new sales streams that will be based on usage and real-time customer behavior.

Strategic Business Consultant & CEO Advisor

Creators Architect

June 2017 - Today

Creators Architects is an innovation-led consulting firm that has focused on helping clients thrive in a variety of demanding industries through an interdisciplinary outlook and disruptive methodology. For over thirty years, the firm has taken a personalised approach towards highly technical projects in complex markets such as education, healthcare, research, urban level schemes, commercial, public realm, brand environments and tech-enabled developments. Our architecture pushes limits to achieve next level resilience and disrupt how spaces are perceived and performed, to provide an integrated scheme where people and businesses prosper, bringing out end to end values through designs. Keywords: Disruption, innovation, Disruptive architecture, Strategy, integrated design, user-centric design, jobs-to-be-done, business design

Strategic Business Consultant

Academic technology Ventures

October 2017 - January 2019

We Connect University & Government Lab Inventions With The Marketplace To Create A Better World. The strength of the intellectual property forms the foundation of every Academic Technology Ventures business success. So it uses a very scientific approach to uncover the most disruptive technologies among the tens of thousands generated by universities and labs every year. Academic Tech Ventures has a team of leaders highly trained, focused, and experienced in commercializing new technologies. With us, your technologies will benefit from the unique set of capabilities and resources we have set in place. Executive Business Coaching & Strategic Business Consulting for Tech Startup companies and their Senior Executives and founders. As an associate, I focused mainly on the early stage in technology-related investments leading the deal flow process with first engagement with prospective investors. I also worked with the ATV portfolio companies on various aspects, including business strategy, funding activities, strategic partnership development, product, go-to-market strategy, and more.



November 2019 - Today

CONFIRMU is a data analytics startup whose mission is to enable lenders to score people with no financial history through alternative credit scoring. Our Credit Score as a Service for lenders is given in the form of a Mobile SDK or as a white label solution. Unfortunately, new-to-credit people and people with no credit history are excluded from access to credit, therefore the only way to create some sort of creditworthiness profile is to create an online interaction with them using mobile data and an engaging enjoyable questionnaire. This will enable lenders to understand who their potential borrowers are and help borrowers get access to credit.



November 2019 - Today

Business strategist, Consultant, Mentor, and Coach specializing in tech startups.


Holt Accelerator

November 2019 - Today

Family Office - Business strategist, Consultant, Mentor, and Coach specializing in tech startups.


queens university


2000 - 2002




Dawson College

Social Psychology

Professional Real Estate Broker