Ayan Roy

New York, New York, US

Ayan's Skills
Business Development

About Ayan

CenturyClub is a new and innovative way to get drinks and have fun. Customers save 50% all day, every day at every single one of our bar partners. There's absolutely no tricks or gimmicks. Plus, since all the transactions are handled on a customer's phone, customers never have to worry about waiting for a check or forgetting a credit card.

Our app will be completed in August, and we have several bars on board to participate in a pilot program. We're now looking for a full time developer to support the app before and after our launch. The job will entail basic bug fixes, emergency maintenance, messing with data directly once a day and explaining why some components might be behaving in unexpected ways.

Please check out our profile on Angel List (https://angel.co/centuryclub)