Ayelet Hines

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Ayelet's Skills
Product Management

About Ayelet

Do you want to make a huge difference in the world? Do you care about the environment, kids, human rights, and fighting disease? If so, we should connect. I'm an organizer, communications strategist, lobbyist, trainer, and event planner with decades of experience. Now I'm working to give away everything I've learned throughout my career to position social change organizations for long-term victories, a pipeline of outstanding leaders, and a broad-based, enduring movement.

I'm developing a web-based training that will put "insider" advocacy skills into the hands of an unprecedented number of people. I'm seeking a co-founder who can help put existing content into the most usable, scalable format, and integrate it with an LMS and existing social networks. You'd need to have programming skills and a knowledge of the educational technology landscape. Ed tech startups launch daily, but none of them seem to do exactly what's needed for this. I need a tech co-founder who can help navigate the existing ed tech choices and develop solutions where there are none.

You can get a sense for the look and feel of the prototype course here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BApbFefXKw0&feature=g-upl