Ayla Combrouze

Los Angeles, California, US

Ayla's Skills
Product Management

About Ayla

I consider myself a true entrepreneur ready to join a start up that fights for a good cause be it in renewable energy, sustainable development, helping children education, social help...

My goal is to give contribution to a better world with a few other dreamers !!

I speak fluently French, English, Spanish and a little german. I consider myself wordly and open minded, with leadership skills and great people skills.

My best qualities : I love people and helping people.

My experience in Sales and Marketing are the most notable. I also would like to be part of the bigger picture. I am creative and love throwing ideas and accomplishing projects.

I am ready for hard work, sweat and love to fight for the realization of a beautiful projects.

If you have that same energy and want to impact the world, please contact me.

All my best,