Aylit Schultz

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Aylit's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Aylit

I am a 38-year old physician (Internist and Nephrologist) with a passion for patient empowerment. I had a successful career working on quality improvement from within the healthcare establishment and then decided to attack this problem from the private sector, and founded AQH.

Our mission is to give all patients everywhere access to gold-standard health care. Our approach uses medical records, telemonitoring data, and patient reports to generate highly individualized recommendations and reminders.

We have a small team of enthusiastic and well-connected physicians, and we already have buy-in at the highest levels of leading academic institutions. We are working on a prototype and preparing to seek funding, and are now looking for a versatile software developer who can join the team full time and help us execute our vision.

Our ideal candidate will:
- be interested in participating in a promising, early stage startup in the healthcare communication space
- have experience with business rules engines, or be willing to learn
- be flexible, reliable, and willing to work hard