Aymen Jaouani

Tunis, Tunisia

Looking for a business partner to build a Renewable Energy project based on a new invention.
Aymen's Skills
Solar Energy
Natural Gas
Wind Energy
Electricity Distribution
Graphic Designer
Online Marketing
Mechanical Engineering

Startup Experience

First time founder

Age Group


About Aymen

I see a lot of profiles claiming to have big ideas. I really have an awesome one. I invented a Renewable Energy device better than solar and wind in many ways. I'm looking for business partners with the following qualities:
- Hard worker
- B2B and B2C Marketing skills
- Able to raise funds

This is what I can provide:
- My invention
- My knowledge about Renewable Energies
- My technical and Scientific background
- 12+ years of experience as a technician at an Electric and Natural Gas company.
- My willing to build something big that could "help" the planet.
- My knowledge of online marketing and branding.
- My graphic design and 3D modeling skills.
- My exceptional ability to learn quickly (especially any scientific or technological content).
- My hard work
This is a unique opportunity. If we put sufficient work, we could make enough money to own the planet starting with a small investment.

Dear future mate, I hope to hear from you soon.


A man said to God: what's a million years to you? And God said: a second. Well, the man asked God: what's a million dollars to you? And God said: a penny. So the man said to god: would you give me a penny? God stopped and said: Yes I will, just a second. - Michael Davis

Work Experience


Tunisian Company of Electricity and Natural Gas (STEG)

January 2007 - Today


Preparatory Institute for Engineering Schools Manar II - Tunis

Scientific & Technological Associate's Degree

2000 - 2003

National School of Engineers of Tunis

Not Finished

2003 - 2005


Wind Energy

Technical University of Denmark (Coursera)

Incorporating Renewable Energy in Electricity Grids

Imperial College London (edx.org)