Aymii Couzelis

Denver, Colorado, US

Aymii's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Aymii

I have 12 years experience as a CIO in a very successful B2B company, but now it's time to do my own thing. Although my background is in technology, I'm a strong leader, career mentor, motivator and complex project manager. I believe that a company's culture, attitude and environment are far more critical to its success than the specific product or industry. You should enjoy and want to be at work (almost) every day. Laughter should be a regular part of meetings.

I'm currently working to finalize a business plan for a franchise-able wellness and education studio with an emphasis on excellent customer service and a culture of fostering social bonds.

I'm looking to either find a partner for this venture, particularly someone who enjoys and is passionate about sales and marketing or find someone with similar general business values who is looking for a collaborator. I'm still at an early enough stage in my concept development that I would consider shifting gears to another type of industry or idea, or perhaps combining efforts if there's a viable business model.

I have extensive training in Agile, ICONIX, JIT and lean methodologies as well as a background in pattern recognition, behavior change and organizational / social psychology.