Ayoob Rawat

Geneva, Switzerland

Founder of the Association of Professionals Creating Financial Security for all.
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About Ayoob

Started many businesses in different sectors spanning over 30 years.
Never thought about exit scenarios. Unique experience as I accumulate 1) a senior international accounting qualification (am the Chairman of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Members Association for Switzerland) 2) with hands-on experience over 30 years practical banking and financial services experience at CFO level 3) with an understanding of the power of data having co-founded a software solution for the do good discipline I am starting-up.

Many of ideas that make up this initiative have been rolling in my head for a while but it took a tragedy in my life to inspire me to pull it all together. That year I stopped to reflect on my life and deciding that if I had been given these thoughts then surely it is my responsibility to have as best a go as possible to get it up and running so that more can benefit with what I intend setting up.

Business Financing:
Have been obsessive about keeping financial control.
On and off so appears to be always in fundraising mode
The plan to make money is not in the big league. Realistically £10M (1000 memebrs) after 3 years.
But probably somebody in the Ray Kroc league can think in term of $100M
Capital raising not in my DNA,

Burn rate not a problem
The economics work.
Would like to make at least +$5M.
Valuation of CHF 500,000

Product/Market Fit
Assumptions based on own experience and what I read,
Still learning in an industry in full mutation,

Talked to users and got interest but offer was not ready,
Believe in the service

Management & Culture
More of a solitary than a team player.
Not a natural sales person.
Never implemented a clear roadmap.
Not a real CEO
Delays in getting to the point – talk too much.
Not enough ICT skilled and knowledgeable.
Control freak and positive cash flow driven.
Enjoy my number crunching and spreadsheet more than going out to sell.
Too many distractions – reading and writing,
Personal Gain & Inspiration
Having fun.
Yes would like to leave a legacy.


Financial security tops the list of changes that would most increase happiness. - Survey by Life Reimagined


Chartered Accountant

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales - ICAEW