New York, New York, US

AZAM's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About AZAM

My background is in investing and finance. I have been able to invest in startups and involved in raising fund/business development. I studied molecular biology and business at Berkeley. Previously, I worked in biotech at Amgen, and later, I was an equity analyst covering pharma, biotech, and medical devices. Afterwards, I started investing and working with startups.
Right now, I am interested in working on my own project and would like to find similar individuals or cofounder to build an interesting product.

My area of interest is sports and entertainment industry at the moment. I am looking for an individual and/or cofounder that has a similar interest and mindset to bring to product/services to the consumer. Hopefully a similar passionate individual with the drive and skills to bring the product to market, and one comfortable in the challenging startup environment.

The most important thing is having a partner that enjoys working together and getting things done. I think we have an amazing opportunity to build something and having a lot of fun working on a project that users will enjoy and use in their daily lives.