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About BA3 LLC

BA3 LLC is a startup building a high performance Mapping Engine for mobile platforms. The iOS version of the engine has been deployed in a small app. It is about to be deployed in a major app. The Android version is under development. You can learn more about what we are doing and the features of the engine at

We seek a technical co-founder - A developer with serious OpenGL and 3D graphics experience, preferably with a game engine or visualization background - to join the company, learn the platform and work side by side with the two technical founders, who have been nurturing this project for 18 months. We seek someone willing to work for a 10% equity stake.

The ideal candidate would be someone who loves writing code, and who loves working on a team that is pushing the envelope. The ideal candidate is not looking for a bare bones, just-getting-started company. BA3 has raised money, has a paying client, and has health insurance. We seek a candidate with a long-term view and a lot of energy/talent, willing to provide sweat equity in return for equity, and then take a salaried position in a growing company.