Babak Roostai

Melbourne, Australia

Smart Grid Engineer
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Product Management

About Babak

My idea: A Comprehensive Home Energy Platform

Electricity and Gas are two major energy services to homes but both are billed quarterly and with the least detailed information so that people have no idea how they use them and what their energy profiles are. Electricity has recently been provided through smart metering data but portals are too complex and mostly out of reach of ordinary people and are mostly targeted by specialists. Let alone gas which is even now more expensive than electricity but lives at its medieval age in terms of reporting and load dis-aggregation as there is no gas smart metering around.
I am working on a smart Gas metering idea which translates Gas consumption in KWh unit of energy and combined with electricity smart metering and solar data (if any) provides a quite simple united energy dashboard for home owners so that they know their energy profiles and identify their energy blind spots before a shocking bill arrives.

I'm Electronics engineer with special expertise and experience in the following areas:
• Application of Smart technologies like IoT and LoRA in Smart Grid and Smart Metering (AMI)
• End to end behind the meter solution architecture development
• Application of Tableau and Power BI analysis platforms to analyse and visualise energy profiles
• Solar/Storage technologies and application of distributed generation/Storage in Smart Grid
• Application and programming of SCADA/Monitoring systems in Utility networks
• Professional documentation as in RFPs, Project Estimations, Business Case and Scope of Work


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