'Bade Ayoade

Legal, Public Relations

Lagos, Nigeria


About 'Bade

I am a dynamic and versatile Lawyer with a wide and open-minded approach to the narrow corridors of the Law; I have the ability to produce huge results with limited resources. I strongly believe the future of the world’s direction is predicated on start-ups and the protection of Intellectual Property Rights.

I enjoy and excel in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution situations having had extensive successes negotiating with and on behalf of individuals, Body Corporate, Multinational Enterprises, and various agencies of all the tiers of government in Nigeria.

Working in a team, I was part of a nationwide fraud and legal audit that uncovered fraudulent financial activities spanning into hundreds of millions of Naira, and in conjunction with several other teams, I have also handled briefs in respect of Intellectual Property, Tax, Real Estate and Immigration Laws with many of these briefs requiring representation in various courts in Nigeria.

I am also involved in many non-legal activities including IT and software programming, Computer Forensics, E-entertainment and Creative Writing. All these activities and experiences also come to play in my legal expertise.

I am an online-published writer.


University of Ibadan

Bachelor of Laws

2007 - 2007

Law School

Law Degree/Bar Certificate

2008 - 2008