Bahar Shahriari

Copenhagen, Denmark

Bahar's Skills

About Bahar

I am an Interaction and service designer, Artist and positive thinker who believes the things get better, together for social good.

Currently I am working on my own start-up, about an interactive flower pot that indicates the needs of a plant.

I am in the early stage of start-up in one-man company, and trying to do everything by my own from prototyping to branding and user testing.

So far I could manage to make a first prototype, the video concept, early stage of branding, website and user test.

I think now its the time to find a co-founder who is exited about making playful and enjoyable objects, and I need to work with an engineer to make the product real and implementable who can help me out to find a solution for the technical feasibility.

I am planning to go to maker fair in Rome to booth the prototype and I want to make it kickstartable asap.

Send me a message in here if you are interested, exited and want to connect and I'll send you my contact information.