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Business Developer, Product Manager

Bangalore, India


About Muthu,

With over 20 years of successful experience in Software Industry, business development & Strategy Management, where I helped multiple companies to establish organizations growth from scratch in competitive global markets. I’ve completed his Master studies in Computer Technology and Advanced Strategy Management from IIM Calcutta.

As a strategic management consultant with a passion for technology and innovation, help companies in a variety of industries to think strategically about how to use technology to transform their business and create competitive advantage.

I’ve worked extensively on both business and technology issues across a wide range of industry sectors including, financial services (insurance, retail, corporate, and investment banking), telematics (M2M, GPS/GPRS), healthcare, retail, and insurance sectors.

In 2011, I founded the DeepBiz, a Software and Product Development Company in Bangalore. I have been an entrepreneur and a strategic consultant in Silicon Valley for a decade. As an entrepreneur, I founded 6 companies in Software, GPS Device Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance, Travel, Logistic ERP along with a NGO called V Foundation.

I have been an instrumental in setting up ecommerce stores, Logistics and Supply Chain , manufacturing facilities, sales & distribution systems, marketing campaigns & performance evaluation systems and have eventually led the businesses to be among the top in GPS industries.

As a consultant, I am working with Transforming Management Strategic, both domestic and international assignments. I am greatful to work with Sales organisation and partners in many different countries and cultures building my experience and network.

Privately I have a lifelong engagement in motor sports and official also on international level. Serving in different boards and committees over many years mainly in motor sports.

Specialties: Setting up start-up businesses. Creating & implementing business plans. Negotiating international trade agreements, financing & leasing. Maintaining banking relationships and international trade. Corporate positioning & strategic planning.

Line of business:

1. DeepBiz – Software Development and IT Services, OEM Manufacturer of GPS Devices for Vehicle, personal, Asset, Remote Resource and Pet Animal Tracking Devices.

2. IGateway – A Smart Platform for Telematics Industries - 15+ type of industry type, any device support

3. ICareU – Usage Based Insurance – UBI

4. Fleet ERP – Enterprise ERP System for Logistics

5. MyBon.Voyage – Integrated Gateway for Intelligent Transports – ecommerce

6. TransGrid Wireless – Integrated Wireless Technologies platform for IoT/M2M devices

Social Activities:

I’ve passionate about Social Activities on Women Empowerment, Child Education, Environment Saving, Rural Development, Green energy and Road Safety programs and has a founder and member of many NGO.