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Melbourne, Australia

Baptiste John's Skills
Product Management
Business Development
User Experience

About Baptiste John

Hi, I am currently developing a revolutionary baby soothing device that instantly soothes unsettled babies.It directly solves a problem that is encountered by millions each year.

I need you to take this product to the market and give it the limelight it deserves.

I aim on launching the product online by early next year and distribute worldwide.

So far :

Tested the technique with a proof of concept (It worked like a charm)

Conducted an Expert Market Research
Did a Prior Art Search through a firm
Filled for Provisional Patent
Filled for Trademark
Got funded
Engaged with a re-known designer group in Melbourne

Currently :

Developing the first prototype
Planning the Manufacture / distribution channels
Polishing my Business Plan
Looking for a Partner
Looking for more funding (Always !)

Short term Objectives :

Launch the product online by early next year and distribute worldwide.
Develop our marketing strategy
Implement in retail stores

Long term Objectives :

Diversify the brand (By-products/adds-on)
Show traction and reach out to major baby goods retailers.
Develop our distribution channels and reduce COGS.

I need you to help me bring this product to market as I am reaching a point where I soon won't be able to do it all alone.

It is a huge opportunity for someone that has the entrepreneurial spirit and that want to represent a great solution.

I don't necessarily look for the over experienced corporate business type individual but definitely looking for a go getter.

All founders will be vesting ( 4years with 1 year cliff with double trigger acceleration)

Don't hesitate to contact me no matter what your background is.

Looking forward to talking to you !



If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African Proverb