Barry B. Simsek

Programming, Product Management

Sunnyvale, California, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Barry B.

I am experienced entrepreneur, founded companies, did some exits (,

I worked as CEO, Product Manager, developer, architect. BSc in computer engineering, have MBA and successfully managed companies with 60 developers. Both business and technical background.


I am developing a collaboration platform for entrepreneurs addressing the product management lifecycle until the MVP stage. It allows founder teams to collaborate and get feedbacks from users, angels and experts.

The platform is

It is at alpha stage. I appreciate your valuable feedback before finalising it.

I have 2 developers in Turkey. Need a product manager as a cofounder. I'll be responsible for cost of developers and will provide only stock option. No salary.


Blacksea Tech. Uni.


2001 - 2001

Co-working Space

Plug and Play Tech Center