Barry Clark

Kings County, New York, US

Barry's Skills
Product Management

About Barry

Technical Director at—I lead the Front-end dev team. I love both validating hypotheses and building stuff!


You can see a lot of my ideas at

The 2 main projects I'm working on currently, both in customer development phase:

1. Matching up coders and creatives with incredible projects and jobs. I've done around 20 customer development calls on this so far after creating a basic MVP and getting a 25% conversion rate on it. I've become really honed in on the biggest problems for coders finding jobs, which have led me to a pretty surprising new solution hypothesis! I'm currently testing that hypothesis. (it's not listed on my /ideas page)

2. Most guys suck at putting outfits together, and we don't enjoy it. I'm working on solving discovery issues around male online clothes shopping, looking to optimize for an extremely quick in/out experience.

I'm super open to chatting over ideas with other entrepreneurs or techies, just hit me up and we'll grab a coffee.


Product. I'm obsessed with Lean methodology, UX and interaction design. I like clean, simple user interfaces and think deeply about design and user experience.

Customer Development. I like to chat with customers extremely early, and I'm well versed in tapping in to people who are interested very quickly and gaining unbiased insight into their problems. I've done loads of customer development calls and have a top system for tracking them and aggregating results.

Engineering. I'm comfortable building out sites and prototypes from scratch. I'm very strong at Engineering Management, and can manage development, including hiring people, if needed. I lead half of the design/tech team at

Rapid feedback. Using lean methodology, I've developed ways to rapidly test ideas and get feedback. I can build smoke screen MVPs in a matter of hours and have them live, with traffic pushed to them, for an ultra minimal cost. and are a couple of examples.

Networking. I know a lot of engineers and designers in NYC, and have no problem sourcing engineering and design work.