Bassem Fahmy

Sydney, Australia

Software tech Savvy. Cofounder of Streemo IP TV, Looking for Cofounder for a health gadget product.
Bassem's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Bassem

Tech Savy, with strong background in Software and hardware gadgets. CoFounder of Streemo (an IPTV platform for Arab speaking communities).Currently working on a new idea in the health field. Looking for a software cofounder (Manly Neural Networks) and Seed funding.

I'm an embedded software engineer, I have been writing software for small devices (micro controller, chips, processors, etc..) for more than 14 years. I also played a lot with electronics and DSP (digital signal processing). I also have a master's in electronics, a diploma in DSP. I am currently interested/working in IOT and Machine Learing, . I think both field has a lot of potential and it is interesting to jump in with ideas. If you are interested send me a mail.

PS: I'm not an App developer (as I get this a lot). If you're solely looking for an App developer to implement your idea, I wouldn't be your best fit. Good luck