Beesbury Chandlers Co.

Fairmont, West Virginia, US

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Product Management

About Beesbury Chandlers Co.

I am a graduate student working toward a Master's in Business Administration with specializations in Marketing and Project Management. I have started working on my first startup, a candle and wax product manufacturing e-business. Service and Philanthropy are our missions. We have developed an aggressive and active service and philanthropy strategy where we are able to contribute up to 50% of our net profits to not for profit organizations that are strategically chosen. We also offer a partnership to organizations that allows each one to have their own branded product line where 50% of those net profits go directly to the sponsor organization. Beesbury Chandlers Co. candles are hand crafted from sustainably sourced, organic raw materials that come from private plantations whose farms and tree crops help to sequester carbon and are members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

In conjunction with our e-commerce site we also have a platform setup for crowd sourcing of community service projects. Service organizations and charities have to struggle and put in a lot of labor to raise funds which takes away from the mission of those organizations. The crowd funding strategy will alleviate the burden of fundraising and put more time into the hands of organization leaders so they can focus on their missions and services. The crowd funding platform performs fund gathering, marketing strategies and campaign management so organizations can easily track the progress of their campaigns and manage them.

I am looking for a candidate that is devoted to service and philanthropy and who wants to progress the company with me based on the tenets of service and philanthropy. The ideal candidate has some experience in social media marketing, epic content marketing, and story creation. Together, we can achieve planned growth and make a small, rural Appalachian candle crafting firm a national sensation!