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London, United Kingdom

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WANTED #1: Founder /
WANTED #2: Investor /

BELEAF is a public opinion platform we have designed and built. All the business foundations are there. We are now looking for two individuals: a founder to take the realm; an investor to boost the business. //

The vision for BELEAF is to provide a space for everyone to follow the news and "agree" or "disagree" with what is taking place by means of voting buttons and a Live public opinion status bar. Nowadays we all want to have our voice heard about the decisions being taken that affect our lives but do not have a place for that. We are left to read the news and skip to the next article without being able to do anything about it. The aim has been to provide a voting outlet right at the source of news, to allow for an immediate collective vote. //

Status: Prototype built
: SEIS eligible

- iOS
- Android

The successful Founder applicant must match the following criteria:
1. 80-100% work commitment
2. No salary but equity shares (2% per month) - max. 40%
3. Based in London
4. Marketing experience