Natalie Spasic , Founder

Designer, Marketer, Business Developer

Belgrade, Serbia

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Idea phase

Business plan mapped out

Minimum viable product built

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Product Strategy Marketing

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Ecommerce Technology Media


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First time founder

About Natalie

My Name is Natalie. I am originally from Los Angeles, Ca but live in Serbia, Novi Sad

2 Things I am searching for for this new Business Venture "INDIE WOODS"

1) I am seeking and advisory board for a new business venture called “INDIE WOODS”. A new kind of book marketplace for Indie Authors to sell there books. This position is voluntary for now. Perhaps consider this a masterminds group of sorts. I am an entrepreneur a true Innovator / Opportunists who focuses on niche markets in today’s economy. I am a big supporter and believer of the “Bosi DNA System” I want to spend more time in the “Lab” of my business. I am a mission driven entrepreneur and this is why I am looking for a select advisory board. I am looking to converse with people who match my mission with this business.

This board will help me think through big decisions before they are made. The type of people I am looking for are people with Specialist DNA & Builder DNA Read More

2) I am possible looking for a partnership or Investor for my project. The website is currently in development.

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