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Business Developer

New York, New York, US


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Ben

I currently work as a data analyst full time for an Advertising tech company in NYC with fairly lax hours; previously started an international study abroad company that did several million dollars a year in business before I sold my stake; participated (did not start) in 2 other start-ups that have failed. Both the successes and failures have been strong learning opportunities.

I studied finance in school ('89). My founder skill sets are specific to Product, Operations, and Strategy. I can also sell hard and build meaningful relationships.

I know enough code to speak intellectually about the development planning and process. However, I am seeking somebody who has a sophisticated understanding of both core algorithms, as well as how all things technology fit together.

Someone who can see the big picture when necessary, but spends the majority of their focus on the immediate road ahead; can create timelines, work in spurts to meet those timelines, and communicate needs, facts, and emotions effectively when something goes awry.

I have a project that has legs, but I am always open to a conversation about a cool idea.

Product Management
Managing People

Rutgers University

Finance & Economics

2011 - 2011


NYU-Poly: DUMBO Incubator