Ben Allen

New York, New York, US

Ben's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Ben

I have about 10 years of experience in digital media and marketing 'business roles' at big name companies like MTV, along with another 10 years with various start ups... all based out of New York City... and have a done a little bit of everything along the way. I earned an MBA in telecom from Vanderbilt University but try very hard to not be one of those annoying MBA types. I see potential opportunity nearly everywhere, but have spent the past five years focused on opportunities related to "mobile location"... where I believe I've developed a good eye for the industry and where it's headed. While I've worked on any number of technology driven businesses, including more ad tech companies than I can remember, and more recent work with a machine learning framework start-up, I haven't done any original first hand coding in over 20 years (COBOL and Fortran anyone?!) So I am looking for someone who can be a multi-faceted tech co founder and help me with all aspects of development, user experience, etc of an idea that I've been developing for many months now. Ideally I'd find someone also based in NYC and with a deep interest in the area of mobile location,, but neither are requirements. I also really care more about passion, attitude and skill then some sort of previously relevant experience... since the ability to 'figure it out as we go' would be preferable to an overly pre conceived idea of how things should be done based on something done before.