Ben Ghabili

Leeds, United Kingdom

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My aim is to find business developer/fund raiser/developer(specially front-end) for a new venture in supply/B2B/B2C/distribution industry.
Although I work as Php symfony/Laravel/Magento back-end developer at the moment for a big agency in Leeds, my background is completely different. I have worked in manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and business for years. I have set up two companies, one production unit few years back and and a distribution company which I failed for few reasons. Then I decided to work for someone else until I grasp enough knowledge and experience before starting another venture. I have started to learn coding and progressed from a junior developer to middle weight back-end developer working on corporate size websites and applications with a high level standards. Anyway, I have learnt my lessons and I have had an idea to put all those years of experience in use with an E-commerce website/service with a potential to become a worldwide business and I decided to commence. I am capable to do all stages of the business from backend/Front-end coding to business development/sales/growth hacking due to my previous experience but don't want to do everything myself. The main reason is time and also I believe 2-3 people are more powerful than 1 person. Therefore I am looking for like-minded people, highly motivated, passionate and committed to do business. I have family and full time job including 1 hour drive to work and back and still manage to spare 20-25 hours a week sacrificing my sleep, break and family time and I would expect the same from my counterpart. Send me message if you feel you are the right person and let's meet up.


No rest until succeed - myself


Sheffield Hallam University

MSc Technical consulting

2010 - 2011