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Seattle, Washington, US

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Location is critical for cannabis industries. Pot businesses must locate away from schools, day cares and other kid-friendly spots. In Washington State, that list of prohibited properties also includes parks, playgrounds, libraries, transit centers, recreation centers and game arcades. Where does a prospective cannabis entrepreneur even begin?

Canna Zoning visualizes state and local marijuana zoning laws, helping businesses understand the lay of the land, filter the noise, and avoid costly pitfalls. Backed by human-verified location data, Canna Zoning provides entrepreneurs, investors and real estate professionals with highly-accurate views of their cannabis real estate possibilities.

Real estate searchers can scan commercial listings then attempt to deduce whether a prefered property is zoned correctly and not near a prohibited feature. That is a time-intensive path to walk. Instead, Canna Zoning overlays local zoning laws, exclusion zones and cannabis competition so real estate searchers can quickly and easily see with their own eyes the real estate universe they hope to conquer.

The most desirable retail cannabis locations are rarely on the real estate market. Motivated marijuana moguls are not limited by this. Instead, they calculate which cannabis-compliant real estate is most attractive to their business plan and they target those areas, because they know that every piece of property is for sale at the right price. Powered by thousands of hours of human research and often-complex spatial database queries, our comprehensive research allows Canna Zoning clients to locate their marijuana businesses in some of the most highly-desirable locations in the Seattle area.

Canna Zoning is ready to move into the massive California market. While the exclusion zones are less complicated than in Washington State, the amount of research is far greater due to California's sheer size. We have been quietly mapping Los Angeles and San Francisco counties, and are almost ready to launch those markets.

With a tech-savvy founder, Canna Zoning seeks strategic partners to assist with business development and help ensure we maximize the platform's potential in California and beyond.