Benjamin Edick

Seattle, Washington, US

Benjamin's Skills
Product Management

About Benjamin

I am a serial entrepreneur who has started up businesses in the Pet Travel Industry, Online Marketing, and Healthcare Space. My skill set is focused around Product Management, Online Marketing, Customer Support, and Operations. I am a huge team player who puts everything into my current endeavors and i am looking for someone who is willing to do the same. I am a strong believer of the lean methodology. In terms of a business partner i am looking for someone who wants to create a great product. This person needs to be highly ethical and moral. Additionally, I am looking for someone who is open minded and knows that the only way to build a great product is through testing and failing. I am looking for a partner who has the development chops to get an idea off the ground and help bootstrap it until we feel it is time to bring in external funding. I have a few ideas/business plans created, but i am open to any new idea that i might find exciting. As i stated before I want one thing, and that is to build an amazing product that users will love and value.