Benjamin Huang

San Francisco, California, US

Benjamin 's Skills
Product Management

About Benjamin

Founder of Necto Inc, Necto is working on a neighborhood internet provider in neighborhoods just south of San Francisco.

Previous experience: Founding Engineering at Groove Labs, Data Engineer at McKesson, Front-End Engineer at Baidu(Beijing HQ), Business Analyst at Vincera Capital

Who I am looking for:

1. Network Engineer - experienced with setting up a functioning network, have managed a production network and its traffic control before.

2. Software Engineer with computer network experience - experienced in writing firmware for routers and switches. Experienced with any cloud-based wifi management or network simulation software: OpenFlow, UniFi controller, Cloudtrax, etc.

3. Generalist Software Engineer - experienced in full-stack web dev, working with large sets of data, creating production level pull requests, quick learner, and loves delivering end user focused product.

4. Operation Generalist - A go-getter that can take any non-technical challenge in a technical way. Identify the problem and create a process to address it forever.