Benjamin Lieb

San Francisco, California, US

Looking to join education projects (especially language learning / cross-cultural)
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My "first" career was in language education and interpretation, my "second" in software development. I'm now looking to merge the two by finding (or founding) educational technology. I'm looking to be involved in education-related projects on an engineering, curriculum and/or management level.

This is from straight from my linked in profile. I haven't had the time to tailor it to this context:

I'm a senior fullstack software engineer with solid design and UX chops, comfortable on an agile team setting or flying solo. I recently left a full-time position to focus on my own projects for a while. I'm also potentially available for fixed-term or part time contract opportunities.

I spend my work days building robust, test-driven web applications, services and APIs. I am at home on the entire web stack. I have specialized enough to produce quality products at a respectable speed on my own. I've diversified enough to have learned the enduring principles of software design, and to be able to acquire new toolsets with confidence and grace. I've explored enough to have a working knowledge of most major languages and frameworks in use today. I've lived enough to know that life is too short to work too much.

For 15 years as a freelancer I worked to become a sharpshooter, developing a toolset to quickly produce custom web apps for private clients. In the last 7 years I focused on Javascript, Ruby, Rails, and UX design. Recently I've been working to master Ember and large agile team collaboration.

In the past I have developed for extended periods in PHP, Java, Python, and even Perl back when the web was young and we didn't know any better. I started in the field as a graphic designer who fell in love with programming, and consider myself as much a designer as an engineer. I make a point to stay up to date on leading tools and methodologies through self study & the extensive tech culture of conventions, clubs, & meetups in San Francisco.

Outside of software engineering I'm particularly interested in the fields of microcontrollers & physical computing, computation linguistics & natural language processing, and data science & visualization. Outside of tech, I have spent a lifetime learning dances, languages & musical instruments.

A trained language teacher, interpreter & linguaphile, I dream of some day developing tools for education, especially language education. Please see my linked in profile.

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