Benjamin Wheeler

Kings County, New York, US

Benjamin's Skills
Product Management

About Benjamin

I am a passionate creator and developer, looking for someone else to start a startup with. I'm deeply influenced by Paul Graham's essays about how hard a startup should push and how fast it should iterate and try new ideas.

The ideas appeal to me most are ones that have the potential to profoundly shift the way people use the internet every day. "It's a news reader, that shows you different kinds of stories in the morning vs the evening!" -- THAT CHANGES NOTHING. "It's a news reader where publishers can bid to have you read their pieces based on your profile and reading history and survey answers" -- HOLY CRAP THAT COULD CHANGE EVERYTHING. You get the picture.

I have an eclectic background, with several startups and experience also in diplomacy, teaching, and team management.

I can work through any problem and imagine a product from users' perspectives. I have strong opinions (but can have my mind changed!) on direction and design. I can learn any language or platform and get things done.

Let's get something together for the fall YCombinator submission deadline.