Bennet Bayer

San Francisco, California, US

Global CMO, Strategy & Tech Exec Ronin ♦ Mobile, Cloud, ICT/IDC, The IoE & Big Data Business
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About Bennet

Passionate Senior Executive successfully launching new ventures in Cloud, Mobile, Service Provider, Big Data and Software opportunities. Spearheaded four $0 to $350m Intrepreneur successes and leading large-scale ICT global operations. Articulate visionary, 25-year history driving billion-dollar profitable growth, devising strategy, creating unique differentiation or managing complex market transitions. Rain-making problem-solver, delivering success where others have not.

Hands-on career product marketer with 400+ new services, products and 1,100+ applications conceived, developed and launched. Award winning Forbes “innovation creator” with international tenures as CEO (3) and CMO (5) along with several F50 global division leadership tenures.

Extensive global relationships, ROI and liquidity achievement; led two IPO’s, 37 significant joint ventures, mergers ($1.1bn EarthLink/Windstream), acquisitions ($780m AT&T Unisource) and global OEM relationships.

Provides alignment of profitable market opportunities with technology, people and goals whilst providing focus on direction and strategy. Evangelist, using positive motivation, consensus building and a talent for communication and fostering cooperation among diverse audiences.

Culturally diverse, over 20-years work in 120+ countries; assignments/resided in China, Japan, UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Chile and South Africa.


"I am brilliant, but wrong half the have to figure out which half!" - Myself

Work Experience

Strategy & Development Officer


March 2015 - March 2017

Contract Hire by BoD (RoamAbout Contract) to accelerate turnaround efforts, Brand transformation, churn reduction and develop new business relationships and opportunities. Overall Achievement: Rain-making, opening $48m in new business; developed analytic strategies reducing churn from 21.9% to 10.6% YoY. Accomplishments: • Developed a corporate digital transformation strategy, new strategic partnerships, new ecosystems, product direction, digital marketing (Marketo & for Cloud, SaaS, OTT, mobile, hosted voice, data network (started SD-WAN business) and started a new managed services business. • Conceived and launched a SaaS online marketplace (214 apps) and go-to-market based on the overall transformation strategy (Manage/Grow/Optimize) developing $19.6m in first year revenue. • Developed Mobile PBX and Mobile UC solutions and negotiated OEM distribution with Yahoo and T-Mobile. • Negotiated new relationships with Microsoft (gaining CSP for MSO-365), Google (local access), Velo Cloud (starting SD-WAN business), AMEX, Windstream (merger) and other vendor and resale relationships. • Expanded channel programs from 5K agents to 12K new partners, agents and franchise partners resulting in $22m of new revenue. • Opened discussions resulting in $1.1bn 2016 merger with Windstream Holdings.

Global CMO & VP Strategy


January 2012 - March 2015

Hired to accelerate growth of managed services, Cloud, mobile and IDC/ICT business, improve global operational efficiencies, develop marketing, Brand and transform product management. Overall Achievement: 34.4% revenue and 18.9% profit YoY growth averaged over three-year tenure ($34bn to $56bn). Managed $640m budget with global teams of 4,700+. Designed Corporate re-organization, marketing re-organization., new business processes, practices and strategies. Accomplishments: • Ran B2B2C Marketing to 3bn people daily; marcom, MarTech. • Led Product Marketing, roadmap, lifecycle, pre-sales and domain expertise across 946 IDC and ICT product lines (network, IoT/IoE, mobile, B/OSS, CRM, Big Data, Cloud and Managed Services). • Developed, designed and lunched a $4.02bn community cloud IPVT and OTT business with 53 African Broadcasters across 18-countries with mobile (developed software STB) and IPTV playout. • Managed the largest managed services business in the world; operations and technical implementation on projects with 176 carriers and mobile operators for Cloud, SDN, VAS, OTT and Big Data solutions. Includes solution architecture on Telefonica and China Mobile network transformation projects. Revenue growth from $3.1bn to $7.6bn. • Initiated new revenue enhancement strategies and outsourced marketing business with 34 service provider partners resulting in $5.8bn new revenue. • Started global solution architect groups (Cloud, SDN, IoT focus) delivering $7.7bn in new revenue. • Awarded eight (8) product of year awards and Forbes named “Top 5 Most Innovative Company” award.


Stealth IoE Start-up

March 2017 - Today

Build and launch of an Internet of Everything appliance.

Practice Leader


September 2009 - December 2011

Hired to initiate a UC&C practice, provide domain subject expertise and develop channel programs to partners (VAR, SI, ISV, ISI). Overall Achievement: Converted to the UC&C practice to Mobility and Collaboration. Practice focused on IBM, Microsoft, Oracle software and development of unique solutions. Mobile: $0 to $494m. Collaboration/Software: $312m to $1.6bn. Security $391m to $486m. Gained $25m in supplier investment (IBM) for “Enterprise Social” concept and implementation. Hired 8 field BDM’s providing professional services and partner go-to-market. Accomplishments: • Built and launched 483 mobile and software projects generating $4.2bn in new partner revenue. • Provided research, planning, practice deliverables, and professional services in support of building partner practices. Media, go-to-market, partner campaigns, demand/lead generation programs, content marketing for partners. Developed educational (Avnet University) concept and materials. • Developed mobile applications, digital signage and OEM business. Negotiated supplier on-boarding. Provided thought leadership, user management solutions, CX and unique channel solutions mapped to storage, networking and security business and across vertical industries. • Managed the Security Practice for six-months developing unique “Depth of Defense” architecture.

Founding Partner

RoamAbout Management

April 2002 - Today

Interim CXO contract consultancy business for myself and 14 other executives. Parachuting in to quickly achieve objectives resulting in business transformation and/or a liquidity event. Accomplishments: EarthLink, Strategy & Development Officer | 3/2015 to 3/2017 AaronTel (Square/BRAC/KDDI JV) | CEO & CTO Dhaka, Bangladesh | 3/2007 to 8/2009 | Hired to launch a Greenfield CDMA fixed-mobile business and ISP. Overall Achievement: Revenue $0 to $159m; 16% EBITA. Led national rollout, launch and operations, Go-2-Market strategies, new sales channels, VAS, mobile banking/payment solutions. Designed & national PON/GPON network and B/OSS implementation. Negotiated vendor deals with Huawei, ZTE, NEC and Cisco. Grew from 3 to 150 FTE and 300+ contractors. Transitioned to a WiMAX business and negotiated a $250m liquidity event with KDDI. Humanizing Technologies | CMO | 11/2005 to 3/2007 | Indianapolis, IN Hired to transform the business to revenue positive, grow Brand, develop distribution and deal-making. Achievement: $0 to $27.6m SaaS revenue, negotiated deals with Microsoft, NY Times and Google. Obingo | CMO & Board Member | 6/2004 to 6/2005 Malmo, Sweden | Hired to leveraging build brand, demand generation for mobile VAS sandbox. Achievement: Revenue $1.7m to $16.4m, Go-2-Market expanding mobile developer ecosystem and launching The Astonishing Tribe mobile app business. Auriq Systems | CMO & Board Member | 12/2003 to 6/2004 Pasadena, CA & Tokyo, Japan | Hired to leveraging build brand, grow this SaaS online marketing business. Achievement: Revenue $15m to $31.2m, transition product to analytic dashboards and permission-based advertising. Afghan Wireless (AWCC) | CEO & BoD Member | 4/2002 to 10/2003 Kabul, Afghanistan | Hired to re-launch mobile service Post-Taliban, expand business and retrieve 25% ownership from the Afghan Government. Achievement: Revenue $0 to $83m; 22% EBITA. Negotiated the Afghan Government minority ownership exit from business. Improved operations 17%; launched new Go-2-Market strategies, retail sales and WiFi ISP business. Installed new $103m Ericsson GSM network with BPON backhaul.

Founder, President & CMO

RoamAbout Mobile

April 2002 - November 2007

Start-up MVNO leveraging opportunity around international mobile roaming. Achievement: Revenue $0 to $5.4m; 49% EBITA; 2008 liquidity event ($11.8m). Concept, Go-2-Market strategies and launch of global MVNO cloud-based VoIP providing international mobile roaming bypass. Rollout in 39-countries; developed Linux-base soft switch, new B/OSS (w/CRM), integrated web portal, UC, VAS, messaging, m-Commerce, content and mobile advertising.

VP/GM Mobile Business


December 1999 - April 2002

Hired to replace a dying $341m Communications business (lifecycle out with 900 people) and develop new repeatable revenue streams with no budget and two-people. Overall Achievement: Increased revenue of $0 to $389m (w/P&L); grew team of 3 to 356, added global pre-sales market overlay of 240 and up to 1,200 outsourced resources whilst turning down Communications business. Accomplishments: • Re-sell 3rd Party Mobile Apps in MOSO, the world’s first mobile app store; funded by JV with Microsoft and Ericsson and revenue share scheme developed with MVNO, mobile operators and ASP partners. • Re-organized business by revenue source. Launched 73 new Mobile VAS apps generating $106.7m and 6m users and mobile payments business generating $27.1m. • Closed customer software projects business for speech recognition, 3GPP, 3G system testing and management of Ericsson Mobile R&D Center, Lund, SE. Developed MMS SaaS and PaaS business delivering $51.6m.


Magdalen College, Oxford University

Master of Arts - International Business & Marketing Law

1999 - 2001

University of Wisconsin

Bachelor of Science - Communications & Marketing

1978 - 1981