Bennett Neale

Los Angeles, California, US

Bennett's Skills
Product Management

About Bennett

I am a 15 year vet in the web software space operating as a developer and leading startups as a CTO. I have about 3 years of early-stage startup experience and have gone through 2 successful acquisitions. I work hard and I work fast. :)

I am open to co-founding with designers, programmers, and marketers. First and foremost, I am looking for someone who has a love for sports. This concept is a mashup of sports media, big data, and data visualization. The perfect fit as a co-founder would be somewhat of a "stats junkie" who has great chops in their respective discipline whether that is designing great user experiences, engineering ridiculous data pipelines, or growth hacking us to the front of techcrunch.

Our mission is unique, without any direct comparisons. You will not be working on another food delivery app or social network for puppies. There is a ton of validation that remains and it will be a fun ride in determining our path to success.