beth cooper

Atlanta, Georgia, US

beth's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About beth

Looking for an ambitious dreamer with technical chops who bleeds binary. Someone who isn't afraid to deconstruct abstract concepts. Someone who can take a vision and bring the "how" to the table. Someone who can guide smart technical decisions to support the vision and revenue model. Someone who wants to build a team of people who won't settle for mediocre when outstanding is available.

I have owned and run my own web development firm for 18 years and work exceptionally well as a human 'modem' - bridging client issues and opportunities with creative and technical people who create and implement. In this leadership role, I bring a level head for business and the experience of business management, strategy, team building, project/product management among other bottomless tasks of running a business. I love it!

While I still operate my company, I am an idea factory and am looking to find a co-founder to create the next chapter - one that applies lessons learned with a better business model. It's pretty simple really - just not all that easy.

Here's to pixie dust!