Bethany Harris

Sacramento, California, US

Bethany's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Bethany

For some time now I have been a jack-of-all-trades for an online news company that I recently took over. Primarily I've managed the editorial side of things as my background is in writing and editing, but I currently wear the hat of nearly every operation in company. Journalism is an exciting field to be a part of and I'm driven by a passion for storytelling, community, and feeling a part of the city and the people in it. I know I need more than just passion to keep the company going, though.

I'm looking for someone who has the business experience and know-how to help move the organization forward from a business standpoint while also giving me the ability to devote more time to editorial development. We just launched a new website in fall, meaning you'd be coming into a company that has the creative possibilities of starting fresh and the advantage of building off an already established foundation and readership. I have a lot to contribute to make the 2.0 version of the website successful, but would love to partner with someone who has the expertise to help build a solid business model.