Beverly Tan

Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Creative traveller who makes movies
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About Beverly

I'm Beverly. I split time between Raleigh, NC and Denver, CO. My passion is telling stories and changing the world.
I make movies, ads, anything video and creative related. I also manage live promotions and do creative development.
I'm a bit of a serial entrepreneur and always full of ideas to chase.
I own a startup film production company and have a background in poetry, marketing, and idea development. I'm trying to get into artistic ecommerce.

I've got several projects, some of which are looking for cofounders.
Fire & Spunk Productions is looking for partners in adjacent sectors. We have partnerships with virtual reality, web design, and escape rooms. Within Fire & Spunk are many projects in different spaces, some which are co-owned by Kadrymila Media.

I have a book publishing project in a collaboration with a co-founder who also owns his own startup. He's a champion product designer and I am an award-winning writer. We are looking for a rockstar marketer to join us for equity. This project has gained investor interest, though we are thinking about self investing.


Drama is just life without the dull bits - Alfred Hitchcock

Work Experience


Fire & Spunk Productions

March 2016 - Today

A boutique film production company specializing in product integrated content, Virtual Reality content, and social content.

Co-working Space

The Nest Raleigh

2015 - Today