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Peer to Peer lending.
The first social trusted credit rating.
Utility bill payment.
Practical uses of BFEX tokens with BFEX partners.

BFEX is a financial startup which utilizes big data, social trusted credit scoring, and blockchain technology to decentralize peer to peer lending experience. Our business is based on the idea of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize with the effort to "create economic and social development from below"‚Äč. According to this, microloans are an effective means to emerge from poverty, and they are required by a significant portion of the population. However, due to the inefficiencies of the current financial system, it is rather costly and inefficient to provide such microloan services to individuals who neither have credit scores nor credit bureau. BFEX sees the opportunity to disrupt this slow and expensive traditional microloan service. With the technology and model such as blockchain and decentralization, we march forward to create a modern and decentralized financial service which mainly tackles two main areas:

1. Peer to peer lending
2. Products and services payment via our BPAY Credit Application.

The BFEX tokens will fuel the BFEX platform by supporting the peer-to-peer lending service as well as the BPAY Credit Program, where our users can use the tokens for utility bill payment and other products and services payments with our partners (hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and more).