bhuvan thaker

San Diego, California, US

Curiosity, Imagination, Appreciation
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Business Development
Product Management

About bhuvan

Hi, I live in Bangalore, i am sorry but i had to find a way to register with this site, since they don't have India country option.

I consider myself a business person and a well rounded marketing and business guy, i have added more experience in my 7 years of work. I share my mistakes and learning with start-up as advisor, because i have passed through the entrepreneurial journey once and i feel this is the best way to contribute to their success.

I'm very interested in mobile apps. I have an interesting idea around mobile based digital life management solution, but i am open to joining someone who has a good idea, not necessarily in mobile. Most important is finding someone i can trust and is willing to navigate uncertainty with me. Also prefer someone who has good design sensibility in other words who gets inspired by design led thinking.