Bijiga Defa

Melbourne, Australia

Online Market Place I Crowd I Peer Review
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Business Development
Product Management
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About Bijiga

Hi all,
I'm developing an online market place that allows users to post, compare, book and peer review jobs in a given industry, this is going to be disruptive and scalable.

I need someone exceptional and talented to come on this journey with me and share in the hard work and the success. Someone who is in the top 1%

I have small team, we have completed multiple version of our web and mobile site.
We're now working on apps(iSO and Android).

I'm looking for highly technical co-found/CTO who has the following skill set.
* Full stack Developer/Programmer
* Ability to envision/contribute to strategic plans and create buy in
* Strong problem-solving/decision-making skills
* Technology selection/management aligns with the startups overall vision, mission, principles and values

If this is you contact me for once in lifetime opportunity.