Kirkland, Washington, US

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First time founder

About Bill

I have been trading for 18+ years. I have also been programming indicators and automated strategy systems for nearly as long. I have always been a Scalper when it comes to trading - however I have developed many automated systems. I have developed an automated system that is steady - maintains a high winning percentage and low drawdowns.

How to use the automated system:

1) Work with Commodity Trading Advisor's - Commodity Pool Operators - and High Net Worth traders_investors.

and/or the following:

2) There are many "social media trading" companies - where a "trader" can trade for "followers". The concept sounds great - however - most "traders" cannot trade any better than the "followers". The vast majority of "traders" lose money for themselves and their "followers". Some examples of "social media trading" companies are - - - Using the automated system I have developed - I see potential in becoming our own "Collective2" - "Zulutrade" - "Tradency" - etc. I see the business being able to reach traders around the world. Our "social media trading" company with our automated system - would provide "followers" who want someone else to trade for them - a much better chance of success. We can set up the automated system in "the Cloud" - which could offer an almost "hands off" system. There is potential to reach thousands of traders. We will target the Futures and Forex markets. Futures are a big market for traders and the Forex market is HUGE.

A little about me.

The pros:

**I know the market well
**I have been programming for many years
**I know what works and doesn't work
**I recognize I need one or more people involved in the business with ability to "build this company"

The cons:

**I am NOT a business developer
**I am NOT a marketer
**I am NOT a salesman

I see much potential for this idea_concept. However - I am realistic. I can continue to trade - lease product as I do now - or reach out to find someone with the skills needed to build a business that can literally reach the world.

Please contact me for further details. I prefer a "co-founder" who has some knowledge of the markets and how they work. However - my real need is to find someone who knows how to build a business.

Equally important for me is having a private trading account to support my favorite charities. This business could potentially provide another way to provide support for charities - for those in need. If you are like minded - that is another reason to contact me.

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