Bill Daniels

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

A nerd with too many hobbies.
Bill's Skills
Industrial Automation
Robotic Design
Audio Engineering
Software Coding
Software Architectural Design
CNC Machine
Audio Equipment

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Bill

I'm a nerd with too many hobbies. A software developer at the core but also infatuated with robotics & AI, CNC, Telescopes and Home Theater. I'm also an expert high-end audio loudspeaker builder. See more at

I am looking for collaborators on one or more projects and simply cannot do it all myself. I'd like to see if anyone is interested in partnering with me. I am currently working on a light industrial robot arm that can be web-controlled or run autonomously.

I'm also working on an online "Scavenger Hunt" game that is planned to award real prizes.

I'd also like to open up a "Makerspace" in west Broward county Florida to be the shop where these projects can proceed.

If you're into Arduino or Beaglebone boards, robotics, web-application development or any of my other projects, I'd like to have a chat.

I'm also offering a "Funding Reward".
Anyone who can acquire funding for my company, through either seed investors or a grant, will receive 10% from actual funds generated.

See what I'm up to at


Florida Atlantic University

Bachelor's of Arts

1985 - 1985

Co-working Space

Makers' Lair (My shop in Lauderhill, FL)

2017 - Today