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Bill Ference

Business Developer, Marketer

Boston, Massachusetts, US


About Bill

I'm an '07 Williams grad (Psychology), and worked at Exeter Group in Cambridge doing tech consulting for a few years. Most recently I was director of business development at

The business I am founding is called LiveTherapy ( and is a specialized video chat tool for mental health therapists to see their patients online. There is huge (and growing) demand for a quality product, and the market is extremely underdeveloped.

In short, more people than ever seeing a therapist (166k+ therapists nationwide, including my wife) and patients are putting increasing pressure on their therapists to conduct sessions online (for a number of good reasons). What I mean by the market being underdeveloped is that right now, only 13 of 50 states have laws requiring insurers to reimburse for "telehealth" (e.g., seeing a patient online), so only in those states are therapists doing it. It's expected that all states will pass similar laws in the near future, which will leave therapists actively looking for a professional and compliant tool.

I believe in the potential of LiveTherapy, and know that I have the skills required to build and lead a great team, the connections to raise funding, and the long term vision to make this a profitable company. What I need is a true partner who can lead product development and assemble a great technical team.

What am I looking for? A co-founder to build the MVP and stay with the company long-term to lead the development team. The ideal candidate has experience working with open source or white-label video chat platforms, but more importantly, is interested in the potential of the business itself.

If you are able to be inspired, I am more than happy to talk more about it.

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