Bill Holmes

Rio Rancho, New Mexico, US

Founder & President at Holmes AutoPilot LLC
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In 1979 I founded Holmes Energy Services, Inc. and developed an Energy Monitoring System and method for using the resulting data to create and maintain tremendous energy savings in all types of facilities through no-cost, low-cost changes alone. That method which has been verified in every project since, is based on what I learned my freshman year in engineering school; gather actual data, analyze it using valid scientific methods and problem solving techniques, implement solutions and verify and maintain their effectiveness on a continuing basis.

The challenge that I have been facing my entire career is that I have been single-handedly trying to change a profession that is not based on valid scientific methods, a so-called profession that makes their money by selling products and services, not by doing what is best for the owner, producing and maintaining energy savings.

For someone not involved with the operation of building energy systems, I am sure they assume that all buildings are operated using actual instrumentation that shows the energy consumption and efficiency of all the equipment and systems; like airplanes, automobiles, trains and toasters. In my 40+ years in this profession and experience in hundreds of facilities, I have yet to find a single building with the instrumentation and information systems required to operate them efficiently. Not a single one!

Incredibly, in 2014, the Energy Conservation Profession only uses estimated data, not actual data to produce Energy Audits, Benchmarking and other reports in order to justify capital projects. Once the projects are implemented, there is normally no instrumentation installed to confirm the “estimated” savings. Energy Auditing courses have not changed since 1974 and are virtually identical those offered in 2014.

The conflict of interest is that if the Energy Profession were to adopt our methods, install a Permanent Energy Monitoring System in every project and do what’s best for the owner, it would eliminate the need for most of the products and services they provide along with the government agencies and utility programs that are based on the antiquated methods.

In 2008 I began developing a low-cost Cloud-Based version of our original PC-Based Energy Monitoring System which has always included extensive analytics. After several years of development and field testing, the first two systems were sold in 2013 and installed in industrial plants. They immediately identified opportunities to reduce the annual energy costs in both plants by more than 25% without the need for capital projects. Based on my experience, I am confident that similar potential exists in every facility. In 2014 I founded Holmes AutoPilot LLC to lease and sell the Cloud-Based AutoPilot Monitoring System to industrial plants as a subscription service.

Work Experience

Managing Director

Big Idea Investments Limited

December 2009 - December 2016