Bill Korbecki

Chicago, Illinois, US

Lead Mobile Architect at HighGround, Inc.
Bill's Skills
Business Development

About Bill

At the company I currently work for, I innovate new, often patentable, concepts and breathe life into them so people can experience them, rather than simply trying to understand the explanation of the concept. Over the past several years, I've worked mainly on projects involving the innovation of new strategic concepts for the company; helping to build the business plan, putting the wheels in motion to get the job done, and stepping in to assist in a development capacity. I am able to brainstorm new ideas almost on demand, which has been a significant portion of my role, and have many patents pending (and more just waiting to be written up). Coming up with new ideas that get me excited and helping to bring them to life is probably the more rewarding part of my job.

Work Experience

Lead Mobile Architect

HighGround, Inc.

February 2015 - December 2016