Bistra Nikiforova

Portland, Maine, US

Whambadu: Handy App for Happy Times
Bistra's Skills
UX Design
UI testing
Business Strategy
Building Strong Relationships
Branding & Identity

Startup Experience

First time founder

Age Group


About Bistra

Founder of Whambadu: Handy App for Happy Times
Whambadu is a tool to find and share details about festivals, fairs, and farmers' markets. It's the perfect little helper for organizers, vendors, performers, and attendees at live events. Take it to the next event and you will always know what, where, and when is happening!

Work Experience

Assistant Professor

University of New England

September 2008 - May 2015


EventSail LLC

September 2016 - Today

Website design and branding... it's that simple


EventSail: Whambadu app

May 2017 - Today

created Whambadu. Finding it on the app stores, download it, and take it to your next festival, fair, or farmers' market. And tell others to do so! <3