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London, United Kingdom

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About Biswajit

I am an Entrepreneur, Software Architect and a Digital Strategy Consultant.

Over the last ten years, I have built a digital innovation venture - SBR Technologies Pvt Ltd (, which has a team of 70+ full-time IT professionals, supporting a growing list of active clients across Retail, Healthcare, eCommerce and Entertainment sectors, all across the globe.

I have a proven track record as a game-changing technologist, creating innovative multi-channel solutions for my global clients and for my own company. I believe in the beauty of technology, in the significance of relationships, and in the power of innovation to drive positive change. I have established SBR technologies to help Businesses achieve Speed, Efficiency & Flexibility,. With SBR, businesses get a partner that not only has the technology and tool to help you get where you want to go but also has the domain expertise to help you chart out the destination as well.

Yes; my business focus (Whether in my own ventures or those of my clients) is 360-degree growth in terms of business and entrepreneurial environments.

I value innovation, intellectual curiosity and thought leadership. I am looking for strategic partners and co-investors for my business that share the same passion.

The ideal partner in this business is a leader, a thought provoker and a self-starter, who would love the opportunity to add value to my business that is already well on its way to success, but at the same time will be able to open the doors in our target markets and close strategic channel partner deals as well.

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A person that can think strategically, execute and ready to wear many hats.
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